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Greenbo colors and design

Greenbo design balcony have never been more colorful. Simply placed it on my railing and my plants and flowers never grow better. Easy to use, colorful, simplicity are only few features of these amazing railing planters.

David Ranch
railing planter

Greenbo planter design her balcony!

A Greenbo pot uniquely combines the functions of a traditional balcony box, the design and practicality with amazing new mechanism and innovative design that allows you to place it simply and safely on your railing or any railing.

The Greenbo railing pots which me and my flowers admire cause now my plants can really grow without catching my precious floor space I have.
A Greenbo planters and window boxes are suitable for any type and shape constraint, can be round, square, straight or curved. It is totally safe and stable due to the unique design fitting the railing surface and Greenbo special design of its place holder, makes it sit on any railing to a width not exceeding10cm.

Simply place the railing planter on the railing and it perfectly sits and stable due to the unique design of Greenbo! growing my flowers and plants on my balcony never been easier to plant maintenance in urban environments of all types and kinds of herbs and plants.

The plants roots grow toward the soil and water in the planter and the flowers are blooming all year long.You can grow any type of plant, herb or vegetable you want or like very easy. A Greenbo pot feets in two drainage tray, which in one stroke can be removed, cleaned and replaced. these Small plates also are designed to open from it's inner side, thus giving the water a wide space to evaporate.

A Greenbo pot satisfy all demands you need from for plastic product, impact and weather resistant for high-end durability. Greenbo plastic material also contains a special UV protective ingredients to ensure long-term protection and the color of the material - 100% weather-proof!


We recommend it, now all you need to do is buy and enjoy!!

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