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fresh herbs on my balcony

We love fresh herbs every day. For our tea, salad, smells and aroma.
It's easy to grow them with greenbo railing planer and flower box, and designed'ly enjoy them on your window's railing...

Andy Greme
Greenbo planter herbs

Herbs on my balcony's railing

I love fresh herbs. I used to envy my friends living in the country only for this. In my small apartment there was no room for planters or window boxes so i had to sattle for the market herbs.

Today it's different. I can find today an amazing solutions for growing the herbs i like so much on my window's railing with no efforts at all, even for me.

I purchased the greenbo pink planter and plnated my herbs right in this amazing saddle shped planter. I had my basil, lemongrass, salvia and much more. I must say that above all, the planter's color on my railing every morning looks amazing and enjoy my tea with the fresh herbs every day is irreplaceable.

Simple design sometimes shows us how simple life can be if you look at it at the right way, think about it.

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