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One design, Endless functions | 360°nature


Greenball White
  • Greenball surrounds you with 360° nature in a simple way, 3 hangers - Ceiling hanger, Wall hanger and Table base, allowing you to place it easily wherever you want, at any time with no special efforts around you, with endless functions and design possibilities

  • High Quality materials both for indoor & outdoor use
  • Smart drainage mechanism / Water recycles; The Greenball easily opens into 2 parts allowing you to empty the extra water, clean it and use it for other plants watering
  • Switch easily between functions; All of the GreenBall hangers are design for “easy-click” assembly and switch so anyone can design its look according to desired design vision and look quickly and easily
  • The GreenBall chic modern design with clear hangers and the endless location possibilities makes it a new design revolution with a perfect 360° nature balls floating around you creating a unique flowers and plants harmony in your home, yard and balcony.
  • Buy GreenBall without planning where to put in your house and preserve all your design option as you decorate your home.

Product details:

Outside diameter:  6.7" / 170 mm
Max inlet pot diameter:  4.7" / 120 mm
Height w/o base:  5.4" / 138 mm
Height on base:  5.6" / 143 mm
Ceiling hanger lenght:  15.7" / 400 mm

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  • Environmental product

    Recycled Materials  Sustainable Product  Water Saving Product  Weather Proof Materials  

  • Drainage Solution

    Greenball drainage

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